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Barbara Bailey

Dave Bailey, Stained Glass

Dawn Bozeman, Mixed Media

Annabel Brownfield,  Wire Wrap Jewelry, Chain Maille Jewelry

Steven Brownfield, Silver Smithing, Laipidar, Leatherwork

Martha Charrey, Acrylic

Jeri Collier, Acrylic

Linda Deeter, Charter Member, Past President, Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media

Melody Fischer, Various Art Media

Annette Orchard

Cynthia Orchard, Treasurer, Oils

Sandi Osiecki, Charter Member, President, Acrylics, Jewelry

Mark Papcun, Stained Glass

Beth Rogers, Acrylic

James Rogers, Acrylic

Glenda Shuttlesworth, Charter Member, Oil, Portraits

Billie Trapp, Charter Member, Decorative Painting

Lou Turpin, Vice President, Acrylic & Mixed Media, Wood Carving

Faith Villa, Student, Various Art Media

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