Encouraging the diversity of Art!

J. Sue Ferguson ... Sue, as we knew her, was a very loved member of our League.  She brought her own unique perspective and was a very serious artist, who painted or pursued a work of art just about every day!

She painted with acrylics & other mediums and especially enjoyed creating works of art from photos.

Sue loved Coldspring Area Art League and was always on hand at events and workshops.  She especially loved participating in our Kids Art Camp and Art Shops. 

It wasn't unusual to see her, literally "up to her elbows" in paint as she shared her love of art and encouraged young children to... not be afraid to get a little paint on them, but to "enjoy" expressing themselves creatively!

Sue also enjoyed our CAAL socials and could always be counted on to help in any way she could to promote our Coldspring Area Art League. She participated in our March 15th Judged Art Show just 2 weeks before she was called to Heaven.

Sue's sweet smile and personality are missed & her memory is cherished!

J. Sue Ferguson
5-16-42 - 3-29-14

A true artist through
& through!

Mary Basye Nicklow
2-8-35 - 4-1-15
A beautiful person ... an awesome artist!

After studying art privately for many years, watercolor became the chosen medium of Mary Basye Nicklow.  A serious artist since 1976, this international award-winning watercolorist had numerous one-woman shows in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  For several years, she was represented by the prestigious DuBose Gallery in Houston, Texas.
Mary's artwork is included in many corporate as well as private collections.  It can be seen gracing the walls at our local Bank of San Jacinto County and numerous other locations.  A native Texas, she made her home in Coldspring.  Mary's subject matter varied from rural landscapes of East Texas to the sometimes stark scenery of the Big Ben area of West Texas.  Her still life and portrait paintings have been widely accepted and more recent years she had completed a number of large floral paintings. Her love of nature and love of God was evident, not only in her art, but in her life!
Mary was a signature member of the Texas Watercolor Society, Watercolor Art Society of Houston, The International Society of Artists and had her work accepted for competition by the American Watercolor Society in New York. She was a Charter Member of Coldspring Area Art League, and a member of Lone Star Art Guild. Mary was deeply involved in art in the Coldspring community.  She loved sharing her art and she love encouraging others to pursue their artist talents.  Mary, along with 11 other charter members, established the Coldspring Area Art League 2012, with a mission to "encourage the diversity of art".  She loved participating in the League's numerous community activities and delighted in sharing her knowledge of art with children at the Creative Kids Art Camp each year.  She demonstrated for the League, always shared her "artistic opinion" when asked! 
Mary's passing will leave a large void in the Coldspring community ... but her memory and love of art lives on!

--Linda Deeter

Mary was such a lovely person.  I bought watercolor supplies with the understanding that she would give me a lesson.  She had a basket of watercolor materials for the CAAL silent auction.  I had my lesson.  She and I laughed when she told me I would have to “not pity-pat” with watercolors like I would do with oil painting. Watercolors need long strokes.  I loved her talent and grace.  She was a class act.  The last time I spoke with her, I was calling to remind her of Alpha Study Club.  She told me she could not attend because of her husband, Quay,  I told her she had had such a rough year and could probably use a hug.  She agreed.  I teasingly told her not to be surprised if I showed up on her porch for that hug. Until that time, consider that I wished her a hug and we both laughed. She was a very special lady.
--Glenda Shuttlesworth

As a child of our Lord,  I so try to celebrate not mourn.
Mary was one of us ... the painter, the musican, the sculpture, the artist. We are the left brainers , proud to be!    

To my friend, Mary ...
Do not stand by my grave and weep, I am not there I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow, I am the glistening diamonds of the snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain.
Do not stand by my grave and cry, I am not there I Did Not Die. 
--Julie Meeks 

About Mary ... my friend.   I am a better photographer because of Mary. I often photograph a scene wondering if Mary will like it.  Fact is I would have never continued with photography if she had not encouraged me to do so. The icing is that she purchased two of my photographs. I was always hoping she would come in the gallery so I could show her my latest photograph and get her input.  I will miss you Mary. Rest now in God's arms.

--John C. Davis

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