Encouraging the diversity of Art!

Martha Swan-Charrey was born in the Heights and remained in Houston until her early twenties. Her interest in art started at a young age, designing and sewing clothes for her dolls, while watching her mother, an accomplished designer and seamstress, sew.
Her interest in painting started in the fifth grade while helping to design and paint stage props for a school play, but sports activities soon replaced painting in her life and then writing came along. She
studied journalism in college and worked for more than 39 years as a newspaper editor, writer, photographer and page designer until retirement.
Following retirement, Martha came across a YouTube video of Master Artist Jerry Yarnell, and became interested in his acrylic painting techniques, fueling her desire for painting once again. She studied with Yarnell for more than a year, trying to master his painting techniques which she uses in her
art today at her home for the past 49 years in beautiful San Jacinto County.

Martha Charrey