Encouraging the diversity of Art!

Lou believes art is an intuitive magic that brings a purpose to those whom it resonates with whether it is visual, or audible.  It brings to life the joy, peace and truth reflected by her art. She remembers a deep desire to be creative early in childhood, though suppressed as it wasn’t allowed until adulthood.  Raised in the West Texas area along with two sisters and two brothers. She began her work career as a house painter and drywall along with an electronics company part time at the age of 16 yrs. Dabbling in many arts and crafts early in adulthood woodcarving and glass bead making are some of the talents she possess. She changed careers when she was 23yrs of age and began working with a communications company and after 32 years of service she retired early and made a decision to follow her heart’s desire to do something different and create a new life, becoming a full time artist.  She loves nature, the sky, waterways and landscapes. She began painting in December of 2013 in acrylics on canvas. Her process is evolving into a magic she has never known before. Painting has taught her to paint evolving to more of an intuitive artist and paints what she sees in each work of art. Each of her paintings created has a story within. She believes that we were all born to create as our creator did and the spirit realm lives through our creations as a channeling to those that it resonates with. Realism and abstract are bringing her to a higher understanding of this magical path. She networks with over 800 thriving artists in forums and social media. She is a member of the Lone Star Art Guild and serves as a director of the Livingston Art League and Vice President of Coldspring Area Art League working to further the diversity of art in those communities along with developing a stronger art community for students and young people. She wishes to inspire through her works of art to follow your dreams, a magic the universe conspires to bring to you.

Lou Turpin